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Exhibitors Only

Brand Identity & Custom Blog Development

Exhibitors Only is an inbox magazine and website aimed at first time and well seasoned exhibitors, providing best trade show practice and guidance.

The company approached Colab Digital to help develop a brand that could be utilised across various mediums. After initial research into potential colour schemes and type styles, we created a logo and a range of branded stationery that reflected strength and approachability.

In addition, we designed and developed a website for the publishing of articles, along with a range of email marketing templates that can be utilised by the client to create and distribute articles to their growing readership.

creative logo design for exhibitors only trade show marketing
book cover graphic design exhibitors only marketing
stationery graphic design for exhibitors only trade show marketing
creative responsive web design for exhibitors only on laptop

As a valuable resource for exhibitors, the website also serves as a channel for contributors from a wide range of service sectors to connect with a wider audience.

The solid brand has helped to maintain synergy across all marketing efforts, strengthening the brand further as it gains more exposure in the marketplace.

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